SSL Certificate Error

If you happen to get the following error:
OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError (hostname does not match the server certificate) This means that the hostname on your local machine does not match what is listed on the certificate.

Make sure the AirBrake gem version you are using is Above 3.0.5
you can check the current version of the AirBrake gem by running the following command:
$gem list airbrake

If your version of the AirBrake gem is below 3.0.5:
Update your AirBrake gem by specifying the Latest Version Available in the Gemfile: For Example:

$gem 'airbrake' => '3.0.9'

After you save your changes to the Gemfile run the following to install the latest version:

$bundle install

It may also be a good idea to add the following to the AirBrake config block in the config/initializers/ file: = ''

This should fix the problem.