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Airbrake can be set to ignore errors that come from older versions of your application.
This is most useful when releasing new versions of iOS or Android apps.
Not everyone will upgrade the app, but you don't want to see reports from errors you've already fixed.

There are two main components to the app version tracking: The Current Version and the Notifier Version.

Current Version is the version you have listed in Airbrake as the version you want to get errors about.

source: for details.

Notifier Version is the version that the iOS notifier is reporting for the app the error is coming from. Let's say you had an error in 1.0.0. When that app has an error and tells Airbrake about it, it will be ignored. After all, it's an old error and you've probably fixed it. But when an error comes in for 1.0.1, we'll treat it as normal, because it's an error in the current version.

If your app's version works in the general pattern of major.minor.patch, then we can also track higher versions, as well. If it does not (for example, if you use git commit SHAs, or codenames), then we will only be able to report on exact matches.

If you have a Current App Version defined, and the notifier reports no app version of its own (probably because it's a release from before App Versions were introduced), Airbrake will ignore that error as though it were an old version.

See Examples below for more details.

Configuring Airbrake

Step 1: click on the "Edit this project" button in the left sidebar.

edit project
Step 2: fill in the "Lastest App Version" field with the version for the current release you have in the app store.

Step 3: click "Save Project"!


Here are a few examples going over how Airbrake will handle various versions.

Current App Version Notifier App Version Accepted?
1.0.0 1.0.0 Yes
1.0.1 Yes
2.0.0 Yes
1.0 Yes
1 Yes
1.0.0beta1 No
1.0.0rc1 No
1.0.0foobar1 No
0.9.0 No
<empty> No
2.0.0beta1 2.0.0 Yes
2.0.0beta1 Yes
2.0.0beta2 Yes
v1.0 v1.0 Yes
1.0 No
b4666a9 b4666a9 Yes
b4666b0 No