Plugins, Widgets, Addons and Extras


While Airbarke is primarily geared toward use with the Ruby on Rails Framework, our API is open, and several enterprising developers have worked to provide support for alternate frameworks or alternate plugin implementations for Rails.

While we don't actively support these alternatives, we encourage you to try them out to see if they meet your needs.

As of February 1, 2010, we are shutting down the deprecated V1 Notifier API in favor of the new V2 Notifier API. Several unofficial plugins do not yet support the V2 Notifier API. You can find them on the Alternate Plugins using the deprecated V1 Notifier API page.

If you have an Alternate Plugin, Addon, and Extra for use with Airbrake, please let us know


Download and installation instructions on our iOS repository:


rack_hoptoad (examples) and Lilypad should work with Rack apps & Sinatra.

toadhopper notification for general ruby code, doesn't require a framework at all


Mike Singelton from Foursquare wrote a LiftActor-based Scala notifier.

Call AirbrakeNotifier.notify(request, exception) with the request and exception.


Corey Donohoe created merb_hoptoad_notifier. Download it at

Java / Android

Luca Marrocco developed hoptoad-notifier, which allows you to report exceptions using Log4J. Check out the project at:

James Smith has also developed an Airbrake Notifier for Android, get it here:


Steve Losh maintains the django-hoptoad notifier:

Ivan Kanevski built the tornadotoad notifier for the tornado framework:

Brian Muller created an airbrake client lib for Python Twisted:

Perl (Plack)

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa has released a piece of Plack middleware for Hoptoad notification:

Perl plugin for the Mojolicious web framework. By


Rich Cavanaugh developed php-hoptoad-notifier, for use with PHP. Get it at

NoDrew developed php-airbrake for PHP 5.3.

A simple class that can feed PHP errors and exceptions into Airbrake by GeoLoqi.

CakePHP 2.0 plugin by Craig Morris from


SharpBrake is a .NET client for Airbrake. The SharpBrake library can be used in two forms. First, you can either programmatically report exceptions, if you have a try/catch block and want to ensure a particular exception is reported. And the second is through the use of an HttpModule, which will catch any unhandled exceptions on your site and report them.


Tim Blair's CF Hoptoad Notifier is a simple CFC for handling errors and exceptions from ColdFusion and sending them to Hoptoad; it uses v2 of the Hoptoad API. CF Hoptoad Notifier requires ColdFusion 8+.


Ken Pratt wrote an Erlang Hoptoad notification client:


LeadTune created a Clojure notifier


Tristan Dunn maintains a node.js notifier:


Mac OS X
Credits: Modified by Quentin Rousseau, Created by Nando Vieira

Brian Cooke created, an OS X RubyCocoa app for displaying unresolved errors from Hoptoad. Download it at


Nando Vieira developed a Mac OS X widget for the HopToad. Download it at



Oliver Kiessler created CroakDroid, an application for viewing Hoptoad errors on android devices.

Addons and Extras

Codebase, a software project management application with full git hosting & integration has added a number of integration points with Hotpoad. Read more on their blog.

Andrew has created a bookmarklet for opening files in TextMate from the Hoptoad stack trace. Get it at It adds txmt:// links which open my local files by clicking on the line in the stack trace.

Corey Martella created a userscript of the above bookmarklet so you don't have to click it each time. Be sure to customize the two settings at the top to fit your needs.

Steve Agalloco has put together the hoptoad-api Ruby gem for interacting with the Hoptoad API in Ruby.