Adding The Github Issue integration

Step 1: click Auth with Github to create a Github Issue ab_auth.jpg

Step 2: When redirected to the auth page select Allow github_auth.jpg

Step 3: go back to an error and click Configure Github Issues ab_config_issues.jpg

Step 4: Take your Github user name and repo name and fill in the Github Repo Information username_and_reponame.jpg


Step 5: click Create Github Issue on an error you want to convert to a Github Issue. ab_create.jpg

Step 6: Click the Github Issue link to be redirected to your issue on Github! ab_github_issue.jpg

Step 6: Click the AirBrake link to be redirected to your error in AirBrake! github_issue_view.jpg

Removing The Github Issues Integration

If you have any issues with the integration try removing and re-authorizing with Github!

Step 1: click the Edit This Project button

Step 1: clear the fields for your github repo and save the project settings remove_github_info.jpg

Step 3: Revoke AirBrake from your list of Authorized Applications in Github github_auth_apps.jpg

Please email If you have any issues!