Adding The Github Issue integration

Create Github issues for new Airbrake errors!
This integration allows you to create a Github issue from an Airbrake error manually.
You can also set this integration to automatically create a Github issue when a new type of error is reported to Airbrake.

Project settings

You can access your project's settings by clicking the upper left cog near the project dropdown

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Authenticate with Github

Airbrake needs permission to create Github issues for your project, our next step is to authenticate!

  1. Click Integrations for your project
  2. Click Github
  3. Click the button that says Redirect to Github for authentication

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Add your project's Github repo url

For a Github user mmcdaris who has a repo named coffee-bot the Github url you would use is:

After you have entered your project's Github repo url click Save.

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What do these settings mean?

Active: Pause/Unpause the integration
Auto create Github issue when an error occurs: Create a Github issue for every new type of Airbrake error
Production environment notifications only Only create Github issues for errors form the `production` environment

Creating a Github issue manually

Please email If you have any issues or questions!