Lighthouse Integration

Airbrake can integrate with your existing Lighthouse account, allowing you to associate Lighthouse tickets to Airbrake exceptions. To use this feature, you must have a Airbrake plan that supports Lighthouse integration, and you must follow the steps below to configure Airbrake to talk to Lighthouse.

The first step involves creating a Lighthouse API token on the Lighthouse site. You will later give this token to Airbrake in order to associate your Airbrake account with your Lighthouse account.

Lighthouse Configuration

You can create a Lighthouse token on your Lighthouse account's user profile page. Be sure to give full access to the token as shown below.


Once you've successfully created the token, you'll see it listed in that same area (see image below). Take note of the token value for the next steps.


Airbrake Account and Project Configuration

The next steps need to be done by a Airbrake administrator user, and make use of the information in your lighthouse URL:


Click on "Settings" and then on "Lighthouse Integration" to fill in your Lighthouse information:


Fill in the Lighthouse subdomain, API token, and the ID of the projects you want to use:


All Done!

Once that's finished, check the configuration by navigating to an error page and selecting the Lighthouse tab. You should see a form for creating a Lighthouse ticket for this error like the image below.